Acro Prop (Adjustable Telesciopic Support)


Strongboy Support

Application: Strongboys help to support walls whilst fitting lintels, RSJ's or beams. Simply hammer the blade into a raked mortar joint and support it with an acro prop while you remove the masonry below

Max Load Bearing Capacity - 340Kg
Max safe working height - 3m from solid
Max Support Span - 900mm (3') 


- Acro Prop

Adjustable Steel Trestles

Application: Used with scaffold board or staging, steel trestles provide a work-platform for bricklaying, plastering, and other building work

Size 1 - 0.50 - 0.64m (1'6" - 2'1")
Size 2 - 0.71 - 1.18m (2'3" - 3'8")
Size 3 - 1.05 - 1.67m (3'4" - 5'4")
- Scaffold Boards
- Staging Boards

Scaffold Boards 3.9m (13')

Application: Only available in 3.9m (13") lengths and must be supported every 1.2m (4")

- Adjustable Steel Trestles


Trestle Handrail System

Application: When assembled onto Trestles and Scaffold Board it provides a handrail and integral toe board to bring the use of Trestles and Scaffold Boards into line with the Working at Height Regulations of 2005 

Please Note: this item is charged per 1 meter section

- Adjustable Steel Trestles
- Scaffold Boards


GS7 Site Security Panel c/w Block and Coupler

Application: This Heavy Duty Panel is 3.5m in length and 2m in length and can be coupled together to help security you site.


- Extra Rubber Foot

- Extra Coupler

Pedestrian Barrier

Application: these highly visible barriers can be used for a temporary barrier for road work, groundwork and open excavations.

Size: 2.0 x 1.0m
Weight: 15.2Kg