Garden & Landscape

Hedge Trimmer

Blade length - 60cm
Tooth spacing - 38mm
Weight - 5.5kg

Application: Professional hedge-cutter with double-edged blade for cutting back that large hedge

- Fuel Charge may apply

Pole Hedge Trimmer

Blade length - 56cm
Power rating - 730w
Weight - 6.1kgs

Application: Professional hedge-cutter with double-edged blade for cutting back fast growing shrubs & leylandii

- Fuel Charge may apply


Engine: Honda GX120 - 4.0hp
Width: 660mm
Weight: 74.0kg

Application: Rejuvenates you lawn by removing dead grass, weeds and moss in a single operation without damaging you lawn.


- Fuel Charge may apply


Engine: Honda GCV135
Cutting Width: 460mm
Cutting Height: 28 to 75mm
Grass Box Capacity: 60 Litres
Weight: 30.2kg

Application: general lawn maintenance

- Fuel Charge may apply

Line Strimmer

Engine Size - 1.2hp
Weight - 4.8 kgs

Application: supplied with self feeding tough nylon cord can be used on long grass and vegetation

- Fuel Charge may apply

Medium Duty Rotavator / Tiller

Engine: Honda GX160 Petrol
Digging Width: 640mm
Digging Dept: 400mm
Dimensions: 1700 x 700 x 840mm
Weight: 83kg

Application: Ideal for use on garden borders, allotments and vegetable plots.

- Fuel Charge may apply

Heavy Duty Rotavator

Engine: Honda GX270 Petrol
Digging Width: 520mm
Digging Dept: 230mm
Dimensions: 1700 x 600 x 900mm
Weight: 105kg

Application: ideal for allotments and gardens

- Fuel Charge may apply

Turf Cutter

Engine: Honda GX160 Petrol
Cutting Width: 300mm
Cutting Dept: 35mm adjustable
Dimensions: 740 x 420 x 610mm
Weight: 73kg

Application: easiest way to remove old grass from a lawn, in preparation for a new lawn or other landscape projects.

- Fuel Charge may apply


Engine: GX390 13hp
Max Input: 60mm
Dimensions: 1500 x 750 x 1520cm
Weight: 146kg

Application: for shredding / chipping branches up to 60mm thick.

- Fuel Charge may apply

Post Hole Borer (1 Man)

Engine: Power - 1.8 HP
Auger Width: 150mm
Weight: 9.4kg

Application: for drilling holes in earth suitable for fence posts or just taking soil samples.

- Fuel Charge may apply

Post Hole Digger

Shaft size: 1200mm
Blade size: 250mm x 150mm
Weight: 4.8kg

Application: for creating a neat post hole


Post Rammer

Application: For ramming post straight into the ground


Garden Roller (Water Filled)

Width: 430mm
Weight: 50kg when full of water

Application: for rolling freshly laid turf